Selling Your Home Fast

In the current real estate market, homes are selling quickly, often with multiple offers. However, some houses sit for months with no buyer traffic. So what's the difference in selling in a matter of hours versus several months? It's all about price, condition, and marketing. Here, I'm outlining the key points in making the condition of your home the best it can be, so your house will sell fast!

1. Declutter

Rent a storage unit if needed, but remove all visual clutter and anything that is not useful or makes your home beautiful. The picture above is a great example of the balance between decluttering and including a few decorative pieces. Be sure countertops are cleared off and only the essentials, like the coffeepot, remain.


2. Remove window coverings (or opt for sheer curtains)

I can't tell you how many times buyers have had a bad vibe from a house because it "just felt too dark". It's a simple fix, but often an overlooked one. I always tell my sellers to remove heavy window coverings and live with sheer drapes or just the blinds while their home is on the market. During showings, be sure to open the blinds to let as much light in as possible. Also, having sheer curtains magnifies the amount of light coming in, making the space feel larger and more open.

3. Show off the floors

One of the easiest fixes to enlarge a space is removing all rugs. This picture is a great example of easily showing off a beautiful floor (and this is laminate, not even real wood!). Roll up carpets and rugs to make a room feel larger and cleaner.

4. Paint

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Even if your walls aren't scuffed and dirty, buyers can always tell when a home has been recently painted. Also, it unconsciously tells the buyer that the home was well cared for, kept clean, and is move in ready. I typically stay away from bold colors and would choose neutrals, but a pop of color in one or two rooms, such as this dining room, is a great choice to add personality to the home.

Since homes sell based on their price, condition, and marketing, be sure to hire the best Realtor who knows how to excel at those aspects. Professional photography is nothing to save pennies over either; if these pictures had been taken on my phone, like many agents do, they would not have sold at the first showing.

Hire someone who knows where to invest their marketing money, and will sell your home fast! In the Charlotte, NC area? I would love to help you sell your home. If not, let me find you a great Realtor in your area!