Real Estate Update: Spring 2015

The 2015 Real Estate market is off to a hot start. Just take a look at these statistics of the number of buyers out there and you'll see why. Thanks to record-low interest rates and the upswing of the economy, buyers are feeling more confident and are getting faster at writing offers!

There are 3 times as many buyers out there as there were one year ago. That means greater competition for those needing a new home, and greater hope for sellers deciding if they should list. In the Charlotte, NC market, I've seen homes receive as many as 10 offers within just a few days! 

Months of Inventory shows how many houses are listed for sale. In other words, at the current rate homes are selling, how quickly would we run out of homes? A lower inventory means a good market for sellers because of less competition. For buyers it means there are less houses to choose from, and offers need to be strong in order to be accepted. 

These record-low interest rates will continue to push buyers to buy now instead of waiting a few months, and will show potential sellers the need for more homes to be on the market. 

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