The Essential Nourishing Collection

Disclaimer: I am a Beauty Counter consultant, but all opinions expressed are unbiased and my true opinions about these products, the result of the realizations I had about the products I was using, and why I switched to safer.

This collection was the first sample I received. The cleanser is as gentle as can be and the moisturizers are what my skin had been searching for. The collection includes: Cleanser, Exfoliater, Rosewater Mist, Day Moisturizer, & Night Moisturizer.  I already spoke about the cleanser some here, so now I want to review the Day and Night moisturizers. 

My skin used to be oily for years until it recently turned consistently dry. I used to lather on more and more lotion thinking that would help, until I read a really interesting article about how adding too much hydration to your skin can actually trick your skin into thinking it's fine and doesn't need to create it's own oils. Woah. So by adding more and more lotion, I was actually drying out my skin even more.

As soon as I started using the Day and Night moisturizer as they directed, my skin balanced out within a week. I was shocked that the key to healthy skin was less work, not more. I use about two pumps morning and night, although I know many consultants use one pump for each use. I've used them for two months and have not run out yet.

I have a few new bottles of both moisturizers and would love to send you a few free samples so you can try it yourself. Just ask me!

 Picture found on Pinterest page @beautycounter

Picture found on Pinterest page @beautycounter