The best (safe!) cleanser and how to get Beauty Counter discounts

Disclaimer: I am a Beauty Counter consultant, but all opinions expressed are unbiased and my true opinions about these products, the result of the realizations I had about the products I was using, and why I switched to safer.

The first free sample I received was the Essential Nourishing Collection. You know how there are other products out there that claim to be simple, gentle, and a no-fuss cleanser, and then they aren't? Well, this actually is. As I mentioned in my first post about my story behind switching to safer, my face suddenly required less work after using these products.


The cleanser is very gentle and I often use it as a makeup remover in the shower. I never believed other companies when they said "a little goes a long way" since I can use a lot of product, until I tried Beauty Counter's cleanser. This really does only take a penny size amount to clean my whole face. I've used the same bottle for two months and still have a good amount left in it.

And of course you're here to learn about getting Beauty Counter discounts! Sign up to be a member for $29 and get free shipping on orders over $100, PLUS 15% product credit on all of your orders. That means if you spend $100, you get $15 back to spend on your next order! Free Beauty Counter products? Yes, please! I actually became a member to take advantage of the discounts before I became a consultant. Just ask me how you can sign up to be a member!

The entire Essential Nourishing Collection is amazing, but I'll save the lotions for another post :) Let me send you some free samples of this product! See for yourself if it helps your skin and take a step towards safer beauty.