I never wore lipstick until I tried this (safe!) lipsheer

Disclaimer: I am a Beauty Counter consultant, but all opinions expressed are unbiased and my true opinions about these products, the result of the realizations I had about the products I was using, and why I switched to safer.

The title says it all. I was never a lipstick wearing girl. Even when I began my real estate career and was surrounded by Realtors much older than me that constantly dressed up, I still didn't love the idea of lipstick, the colors, or the fanciness of it all.

Until I received a free Beauty Counter Lipsheer in my first order with the company. They sent me "Twig" as a thank you for signing up to be a member (more on those perks here!). AND I LOVED IT. It's the perfect "barely there" lipstick, giving me a professional, "I dressed up for this meeting" appearance without looking like your mom's red lipstick.

I really can't say enough good things about it. I guess I can't compare it to other brands since I didn't wear lipstick before, but this is creamy, gentle, easy to apply, and buildable. Plus, the packaging is beautiful.

When I learned that you eat most of the product you put on your lips, I was disgusted and also thankful for the standards Beauty Counter has.

Want free samples? I'm happy to mail some to you since I know how important it is to try something first.