You need this (real) Charcoal in your life

Disclaimer: I am a Beauty Counter consultant, but all opinions expressed are unbiased and my true opinions about these products, the result of the realizations I had about the products I was using, and why I switched to safer.

 All images on this post found on Pinterest page @beautycounter

All images on this post found on Pinterest page @beautycounter

So you know how there's a lot of charcoal products out there promising to fix all of your problems? If you read their ingredient lists you may be surprised to see Charcoal isn't the only ingredient, in fact, some of these products have fragrance in them. Did you know that "fragrance" is just a loophole for companies to put anything they want in the product to make it smell nice? Personally, I don't want a bunch of unknowns going on my skin when I'm scrubbing a charcoal bar to get things out of those pores.

And then I found this Charcoal bar. It was the second order I ever made with Beauty Counter, after the Nourishing cleansers did so well that I decided to become a repeat customer for this brand.

It is the highest quality charcoal I've found and it truly works. Now, I said I'd be honest on here, so here it goes. I used it every day, obsessively, for a week and my skin dried out. But I guess that makes sense, you shouldn't obsessively scrub anything on your delicate facial skin, right? Doing that with any product is bound to irritate it. So now I use it about twice a week and it erases blackheads without drying out my skin. It's also a great make up remover on those two days a week. Win win. I have a new Charcoal bar that I would love to send you a sample of so you can try it yourself.